Oasis Café
125 Carmichael Street
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Thursday July 10th 2014
Lunch Buffet:

Corriander chicken
Rice pilaf
Spicy potato curry
Braised cabbage w/ apples
Garden salad
Fruit salad

Short Order Menu:

Tropical chicken salad
Jamican fish soup
Grilled fish (Salmon/trout/ king )
Ny strip steak
Grilled lamb-chops
Oasis gourmet burger & fries
Chicken pot pie

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Take a Slow Lunch

This excerpt comes from a blog that praises the virtues of taking life a little more slowly.

Strangely enough for a small tropical country many of is do run around like crazed people. So this advice is pr... read more

Interview with Voice of Guyana

Marcus is a good customer, who likes to spend the day in the orange room drinking copious amounts of fruit juice, while tapping away on his laptop. I always wondered what he did other than appearing to be a professional cafe habituant.

Well all was revealed when he directed me to... read more


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