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Inspired in Tobago
The only way to maintain your sanity as a businessperson in Guyana is to go away every so often. 
Not only to rest and recuperate from the multitudes of  mini-crises that bombard you daily ...be it problems with water, electricity or the all consuming VAT .. but also to get a bird’s eye perspective on your business and begin again to think about why you started this adventure and how you can make it better.
That's why our recent weekend in Tobago was such an inspiration. We stayed at the Kariwak Village Holistic Haven and Hotel (www.kariwak.com) , which sounds a lot like cold showers and brown rice but is in fact quite luxurious and very, very comforting. The award winning gardens include herb beds which the restaurant uses in its cooking. Any of you who had the pumpkin and dill soup on Wednesday at Oasis too …well the dill was kindly donated by Cynthia the co-owner of the hotel, a woman who glides about like Florence Nightingale attentive to the every need of her guests.

When we told her we owned two restaurants, she said, "But the food business is a bugger!" 
She said she spends a lot of the time in the kitchen and tastes every dish. It shows since the food is pitch perfect, being unpretentious but decidedly accomplished. The fish in particular is exceptional….and the service something we should aspire to. Between meals, we spent much of the time in various hammocks, reading and sleeping, in a state of contented paralysis.    

We did visit Pigeon Point beach and had crab and dumplings, although the dumplings were rather chewy –apparently that is the way they like them. We also visited Scarborough, a rather rundown town but which in its heart has a small coffee shop, Ciao Café, run by an Italian straight out of central casting. We sipped a very good cappuccino, made from Illy coffee beans, outside on the balcony and watched the inhabitants, 60% of whom appear to be Rastafarian, go about their business.

During our half day in Trinidad we managed to escape the suffocating traffic and headed for Maracas Bay to eat bake and shark, returning in search of doubles by the highway.

 It was a welcome break and we hope one that would inspire us to improve our offerings and service, while also letting us remember we are actually sane.   

Happy New Year
It's 2007 and the staff of Oasis too and Oasis Cafe wish all our customers a happy and prosperous New Year.

In other news, for those interested in coming to see the finale of the chess tournament it will be played on Friday January 5 at 5 pm.
Among other plans for January we hope to hold another scrabble competition, and at Oasis too we will be having an Indian food festival.

Finally for all those ladies, whose resolutions are to lose some pounds, we will introducing pre-made salads in a box.

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