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Take a Slow Lunch

This excerpt comes from a blog http://inpraiseofslow.com/blog.php that praises the virtues of taking life a little more slowly.

Strangely enough for a small tropical country many of is do run around like crazed people. So this advice is pretty apropos

When was the last time you took a real lunch break? In workplaces around the world the mid-day meal has shrunk or vanished altogether. Never mind dining al fresco; these days you're lucky to find time to dine al desko. What a waste. Stopping for lunch makes us more productive, more creative and less stressed. It allows us to enjoy our food, smell the roses and indulge in a little social time.

Interview with Voice of Guyana

Marcus is a good customer, who likes to spend the day in the orange room drinking copious amounts of fruit juice, while tapping away on his laptop. I always wondered what he did other than appearing to be a professional cafe habituant.

Well all was revealed when he directed me to his website,  www.voiceofguyana.com which of course is about all things Guyanese. Well worth a visit. marcus also managed to wangle an interview out of us talking about why she chose to open Oasis among many other formerly top secret topics.


A disturbing incident
Last Sunday at about  2 pm  Michael, a Canadian geologist who is a good customer of Oasis came running  into the cafe, his shirt  ripped, and  bleeding. He said he had just been  robbed  of his cellphone at the corner of  Carmichael  and Quamina Sts. He had fought off the robber initially but the man had stabbed him with an ice pick, of some sort, three times in his torso.
I took him to Balwant Singh Hospital where he was patched up and advised to stay the night just as a precaution as it was not thought the wound to his abdomen had penetrated deeply. 
However that night he underwent surgery. He is currently still at the hospital and is expected to fly home shortly for more medical attention.
Our thoughts go out to Michael and we wish him a speedy recovery.  For the rest of us, please be aware that particularly on Sundays and holidays the  streets south of the cafe are deserted and that muggers take advantage of this to attack. We also recommend you do not resist, however emasculated you might feel.

Merlene Ellis exhibition
Oasis Cafe is now showing some 15 paintings by local artist Merlene Ellis.  The paintings are mainly landscapes of various places in Guyana, done with great  technical accomplishment and some flair.
For me, her skies are wonderful expressions of the freedom, many  visitors feel when living here. There are currently nine watercolours and four oils left. The prices range from 9000 to 35,000. All are framed.
Come on down and see if any catch your eye.

Chess tournament takes over Oasis
On Saturday afternoon about 24 chess players took over the cafe for the second chess tournament in as many months. This time we had a much larger number of players and the competition was pretty stiff.
In the junior category Aman Deep (Go Aman!) defeated Cecil Cox in the frist semi final  while Stephan NgLung Kit got past Khalid Gajraj.
In the final Stephan was on the defensive for most of the game, until a crucial error by Aman cost him the game.
In the seniors category Errol Tewari was crowned Oasis Café Chess Tournament Champion with an unbeaten performance, among the twelve players
Tewari won all his games while Learie Webster was second with eight points and two defeats while Roy Sharma came in third.

It was so good to see the children enjoying themselves while doing something productive.  For parents interested in having their chilldren learn the game there is a class every Saturday from 2 pm which is taught by Irshad Mohamed. He has been the organiser of both events and in his quiet humble way is really helping to revive chess locally.
We are happy to work with him in hosting anyway .

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